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Escrow Solutions for Private Party Transactions

Security and transparency for all kinds of private party transactions

Outline Your Purchase Milestones

With PayKeeper, you have the flexibility to set up milestones for your private party purchases. Whether you're buying a vintage car, artwork, or any other valuable item, you can establish payment schedules based on the delivery or verification of specific parts or stages of the item. For instance, when purchasing a vintage car, milestones could be set for the delivery of the car, verification of its authenticity, and a final inspection.

Milestones Verification

PayKeeper's robust protection ensures that every milestone is thoroughly checked and confirmed before releasing any funds. For buyers, this means peace of mind knowing that their money is safe until they are satisfied with their purchase. Using the vintage car example, funds will only be released to the seller once the car is delivered, its authenticity is verified, and it passes the final inspection.

Release of Funds After Verification

PayKeeper's FDIC Insured Escrow Accounts guarantee that your money is held securely until all purchase conditions are satisfied. Once a milestone is verified, such as the successful delivery of the vintage car, funds are immediately released to the seller. This ensures a transparent, reliable, and trustworthy transaction for both parties.

Why Choose PayKeeper?

  • Contractors use PayKeeper to stop chasing money, reduce collections hassle, and increase trust with their clients.¬† ¬†Automate a traditionally manual process that give most contractors endless headaches
  • FDIC Insured Escrow Accounts – PayKeeper ensures that funds are securely held in escrow until milestones are verified, reducing slow pay and eliminating collections risk
  • Hassle-free Transactions- PayKeeper simplifies financial transactions, reducing administrative burdens and enabling contractors to focus on their craft rather than payment logistics
  • Client Peace of Mind – Using PayKeeper separates you from the bad actors – guaranteeing the financial integrity of your project in your client’s eyes. Build trust and strong, long term relationships with PayKeeper