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Frequently Asked Questions

This is PayKeeper

PayKeeper protects the homeowner and the contractor.

How Paykeeper improves your cash process

Many contractors are collecting 50 to 90 percent of the job’s value after installation. This slows down Accounts receivables and wastes precious sales time. Paykeeper collects the total amount of the job and disburses it at project milestones keeping your cash flowing.

Getting projects fully funded using Paykeeper

Customers trust Paykeeper because it is an independent escrow account. As a contractor, make sure your customers fully fund their Paykeeper account before you put them on the install schedule.

Paykeeper is the ultimate closer for sales teams

Building trust with customers over payment methods is often the barrier to closing a sale. Paykeeper is a Federally insured escrow account customers can trust their payments to.

Using Paykeeper to reduce the amount of cash in the hold back period

Traditionally, customers hold back as much as 50% of the job’s value until they are fully satisfied. Paykeeper makes payments at milestones and holds back only 5% until a dispute is rectified.

Paykeeper is a registered escrow agent

Paykeeper is held to the highest standard of financial and security requirements. We are federally insured. And we also use the latest security and encryption protocols to protect those funds.

Paykeeper meets all required federal guidelines and certifications

The bottom line is when customers put their funds in Paykeeper, the money is still theirs until the milestones are met.