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Solutions for Contractors

PayKeeper protects all parties

By securing funds and ensuring fair, milestone-based payments, we create a harmonious relationship between contractors and clients from the outset. This foundation of trust not only smooths the project execution process but also contributes to building lasting relationships and a reputable business.

Home Improvement

PayKeeper ensures that funds are securely held until project milestones are met, providing peace of mind for both contractors and homeowners. This means contractors can focus on delivering high-quality work without the worry of payment disputes, while homeowners can rest assured that their investment is protected. The result? A smoother project timeline, satisfied clients, and a reputation for reliability that can set your business apart.


For solar installation projects, both residential and commercial, PayKeeper provides a structured payment schedule based on verifiable project milestones. This ensures that funds are released only when specific parts of the project are completed to satisfaction, reducing financial risk for all parties. PayKeeper enables improved cash flow management and the ability to plan resources more efficiently.

Commercial Construction

Large-scale commercial construction projects involve multiple stakeholders, complex contracts, and significant financial transactions. PayKeeper simplifies the financial management of these projects by holding funds in secure, FDIC-insured accounts until agreed-upon milestones are achieved. This milestone-based disbursement model fosters a transparent, trust-based relationship between contractors, clients, suppliers, and subcontractors, ensuring that payments are made promptly upon the completion of each phase. It also mitigates the risk of financial disputes, keeping projects on track and within budget.

Direct Pay

Direct Pay allows immediate, secure payments to be made to suppliers, subcontractors, and other vendors, in order to mitigate risk and streamline payments.

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The PayKeeper Way

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Home Improvement

Roofing, windows, kitchen & bath, landscaping, HVAC, remodeling.


The best and most reputable residential and commercial installers use PayKeeper.

Private Party Purchases

When you buy or sell something online, protect your transaction through PayKeeper.

Other industries

Contract work, import/export, commissions, commercial construction.