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Escrow for everyday.

The PayKeeper Way

See how escrow is revolutionizing these industries
Home Improvement

Roofing, windows, kitchen & bath, landscaping, HVAC, remodeling.


The best and most reputable residential and commercial installers use PayKeeper.

Private Party Purchases

When you buy or sell something online, protect your transaction through PayKeeper.

Other industries

Contract work, import/export, commissions, commercial construction.


PayKeeper makes it simple

At PayKeeper, we bring the power and security of escrow to everyday transactions through our innovative and easy-to-use platform. Our customizable platform can support the terms of any project or transaction, making escrow available to everyone.

Agree on Terms

With PayKeeper, escrow accounts can be created in seconds. A simple workflow allows the buyer to confirm the project details and deposit funds. Funds are held in the buyer’s name in an FDIC-insured bank account.

Milestones are Met

Each milestone requires verification before funds are disbursed from the project escrow account. Simple workflows in the PayKeeper app make it fast and easy to upload documents or photos and for verification to be completed.

Eliminate Risk

PayKeeper prevents problems from happening in the first place. Escrow protects both sides in a transaction, and builds trust from day one - creating harmony between the buyer and seller.

Enough talk, let's build something together