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Escrow Solutions for Solar Installations

Automated Escrow Software eliminates hassle, payment risk,
and SlowPay™ related to cash customers

Outline Milestones

With PayKeeper, streamline your solar installation payments by setting up clear milestones. Whether it's the initial site assessment, panel installation, or system activation, you can create payment schedules based on each significant phase of the project. This ensures that funds are allocated appropriately and transparently throughout the installation process.

Verification of Milestones and Payments

PayKeeper ensures that every milestone related to your solar installation is meticulously verified before any payout. For solar companies, this guarantees that payments are released promptly upon the completion of each phase, ensuring a smooth cash flow. For instance, once the solar panels are successfully installed and tested, the corresponding funds will be released from escrow.

Final Approval and Release of Retention

Only a minimal 5% is retained in the escrow until the end of the project, a significant reduction from the traditional 50%-90% retention. Upon the homeowner's final approval, this 5% is promptly paid out to the contractor, ensuring that the majority of the project's funds are released in a timely manner.

Why Choose PayKeeper?

  • Contractors use PayKeeper to stop chasing money, reduce collections hassle, and increase trust with their clients.   Automate a traditionally manual process that give most contractors endless headaches
  • FDIC Insured Escrow Accounts – PayKeeper ensures that funds are securely held in escrow until milestones are verified, reducing slow pay and eliminating collections risk
  • Hassle-free Transactions- PayKeeper simplifies financial transactions, reducing administrative burdens and enabling contractors to focus on their craft rather than payment logistics
  • Client Peace of Mind – Using PayKeeper separates you from the bad actors – guaranteeing the financial integrity of your project in your client’s eyes. Build trust and strong, long term relationships with PayKeeper