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Traditional Distribution

The PayKeeper Way

Direct Pay

PayKeeper innovates the funding process for projects by offering a secure, efficient, and transparent escrow service. Our platform simplifies the management of project finances, ensuring that all payments are securely held and disbursed at the appropriate milestones. By acting as a neutral third party, PayKeeper provides a structured framework for financial transactions, reducing the risk of disputes and enhancing collaboration among stakeholders. Our goal is to make the financial aspect of solar projects as seamless as possible, allowing lenders and project managers to focus on delivering successful solar solutions.

Automated Disbursements

With PayKeeper, the disbursement of commissions is automated, ensuring that payments are made promptly and accurately following the achievement of sales milestones. This automation removes the potential for errors and not being paid by EPC , providing sales teams with the assurance that their hard-earned commissions will be received without delay. Automated disbursements mean that sales professionals can focus on what they do best—selling—without worrying about the reliability of their compensation.

All-in-One Dashboard

Paykeeper introduces an innovative solution designed to streamline the way sales closers track their commissions: the All-in-One Dashboard. This powerful feature is engineered to consolidate commission information from multiple lenders into a single, intuitive interface, eliminating the need to log into separate accounts for each lender. With the All-in-One Dashboard, PayKeeper redefines the way sales closers interact with commission data, offering a level of convenience, clarity, and control that is unmatched in the industry. By consolidating commission tracking into a single, powerful platform, PayKeeper not only enhances efficiency but also supports the strategic decision-making that drives sales success.


PayKeeper's platform is designed for maximum efficiency in managing and disbursing funds. By automating the payment process and adhering to predefined milestones, we can accelerate project timelines and reduce the administrative burden on project managers and finance teams. This efficiency translates into cost savings and faster project completion.

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The PayKeeper Way

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Home Improvement

Roofing, windows, kitchen & bath, landscaping, HVAC, remodeling.


The best and most reputable residential and commercial installers use PayKeeper.

Private Party Purchases

When you buy or sell something online, protect your transaction through PayKeeper.

Other industries

Contract work, import/export, commissions, commercial construction.