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Jen Silver + PayKeeper

Jen Silver and PayKeeper have teamed up to change the way you think about cash payments forever.

PayKeeper’s Automated Escrow protects you and your customer with the easiest and most secure cash payment solution.

Why PayKeeper Automated Escrow?

End Slow Pay

Get paid faster

Automated Escrow gets you paid faster and reduces customer holdback significantly

Simplify Completion

Get paid automatically

Payments are released upon milestone and project completion, plus handle any punch list items or disputes with ease

Increase Sales

Get paid more often

Reduce concerns about down payments and make paying with cash easy and secure

How does it work?


Contractor Creates Project

Projects can be created in seconds

Homeowner Funds Escrow Account

Homeowner receives link via SMS or email to fund personal Escrow account

Milestones are Met

PayKeeper verifies milestone completion before each payout

Homeowner approves final payout

Final % paid out upon homeowner approval. Punchlist items are resolved easily through PayKeeper

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