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Reduce Contractor Risk

Money is deposited into YOUR escrow account. Contractors only get paid when they perform. Project progress first, contractor paid after - The PayKeeper Way

Backwards Projects

Don’t start a backwards project.  Backwards projects happen when you pay a contractor BEFORE they work.  PayKeeper’s escrow software makes sure milestones are met and verified before escrow money is paid out to your contractor.  Reduce your contractor risk by never handing over large deposits, trusting they will perform.  PayKeeper = Fund Protection.

Punch List Control

At the end of a project, PayKeeper gives you control over the last payment, approving the payout only after your inspection and satisfaction – making sure all of those punch list items are finished before final payment.  PayKeeper = Project Satisfaction

Work with the Best

The best contractors offer PayKeeper Escrow Accounts. You can be sure they have your funds and job satisfaction in mind.  PayKeeper keeps the focus for your project centered on progress and completion.


Fund Protection

FDIC insured, compliant, bank account protects your funds until milestones are verified

Contractor Risk

Reduces financial risk by giving large deposits to contractors before performance

Punch List Control

PayKeeper gives you control over the final payment, allowing for inspection and holdback until you are satisfied.

I'm always nervous to give a big deposit to a contractor. Even if they have positive reviews, you never know if they're going to finish the job, or even go out of business. It's nice knowing you have someone like PayKeeper verifying milestones before they get paid. I also know that if my contractor uses PayKeeper, they're after my best interest as well.

Jefferson N.