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Escrow Solutions for Home Improvement

Your Trusted Partner for Home Improvement

Plan your Home Remodel Milestones

Paykeeper allows you flexibility in setting up milestones for your remodel project. For example, on a kitchen remodel you could outline payment schedules for materials vendors (cabinet manufacturer, flooring supplier, etc) and for subcontractors doing the work.

Milestones are met

The protection of PayKeeper ensures that once a milestone has been verified and confirmed before any funds are released. As a contractor, it provides assurance that once a milestone is achieved, the payment is promptly released. On the kitchen remodel example, suppliers and subcontractors are paid as they complete their parts of the project, assuring that when construction is complete, budget discipline has been enforced and all stakeholders have been paid timely.

Align Punch List Retention

Most remodel projects have the bulk of the project funds due after installation, yet get held up by punch lists that need to be completed. PayKeeper's automated retention allows for substantial complete payouts to happen immediately upon verification, while allowing project owners the ability to hold an amount that aligns with retention until the punch list is done.

Why Choose PayKeeper?

  • Contractors use PayKeeper to stop chasing money, reduce collections hassle, and increase trust with their clients.   Automate a traditionally manual process that give most contractors endless headaches
  • FDIC Insured Escrow Accounts – PayKeeper ensures that funds are securely held in escrow until milestones are verified, reducing slow pay and eliminating collections risk
  • Hassle-free Transactions- PayKeeper simplifies financial transactions, reducing administrative burdens and enabling contractors to focus on their craft rather than payment logistics
  • Client Peace of Mind – Using PayKeeper separates you from the bad actors – guaranteeing the financial integrity of your project in your client’s eyes. Build trust and strong, long term relationships with PayKeeper